EMS 12-Lead: What it Looks Like – Cardiac Arrest

This article is a quasi-cross-post from the website of our good friend Brandon Oto over at EMS Basics. He’s been gracious enough to allow us to adapt the original post from his What it Looks Like series over here. We highly suggest that you go check out the amazing and highly practical writing he does over on his site; it’s the epitome of the high quality content that even a solo blogger can put together in the world of EMS 2.0 and FOAM.

We all know the fundamentals of Basic Life Support (BLS), a lot of us have taken Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and some among us have even accrued a collection of advanced resuscitation merit badges. Still, in spite of that, healthcare workers of all fields, training, and experience can stumble when it comes to that most fundamental of steps in the CPR algorithm: recognizing cardiac arrest.

We have assembled here some of the best videos available on YouTube displaying the physical signs you will encounter when a patient experienced sudden cardiac arrest right in front of you.  Thankfully most, but not all, of the patients depicted recovered, and we owe a huge debt to the patients and their families who allowed the footage to be released.

For the rest of this article and its many videos depicting sudden cardiac arrest please follow this link or click the rhythm strip above.

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