EMS 12-Lead: What If We’re Wrong? Prehospital ECG Interpretation

This article is part of a special one-day EMS blogging event called the What If We’re Wrong a-Thon. Spearheaded by Brandon Oto over at EMS Basics, the WIWWAT is an exercise in self-reflection where EMS writers examine a topic on which that they’ve historically taken a strong stance, but from the opposite point-of-view. For more posts from around the EMS community as part of the What If We’re Wrong a-Thon, check out this page.

What if we’re wrong about the utility of prehospital interpretation of 12-lead ECG’s? What if they don’t actually improve patient outcomes and lead to better prehospital care?

For my critical examination of those questions follow this link or click on Dr. Perry Cox’s face above.

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