I strongly believe that blogs are the future of continuing education in medicine but the printed word is certainly not dead. Here’s a list of books I’ve found to be particularly worthwhile and I’ve linked to my reviews on Amazon. I’ve also noted which edition I own, as several are one or two out of date but still useful. Let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations.


General Medicine

Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis (1e) – Steven McGee

Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine (4e) – James R. Roberts and Jerris Hedges

Sapira’s Art & Science of Bedside Diagnosis (3e) – Jane M. Orient



Practical Electrocardiography (8e) – Henry J. L. Marriott

Chou’s Electrocardiography in Clinical Practice (6e) – Borys Surawicz and Timothy Knilans

Pearls & Pitfalls in Electrocardiography (2e) – Henry J. L. Marriott

Challenging ECGs (1e) – Henry J. L. Marriott

The ECG in Acute MI (1e) – Stephen W. Smith

ECGs for the Emergency Physician Volume 1 and Volume 2 (1e) – Amal Mattu and William J. Brady


Airway Management

The Airway Cam Guide to Intubation and Practical Emergency Airway Management (1e) – Richard M. Levitan and William C. Kinkle

Manual of Emergency Airway Management (3e) – Ron M. Walls and Michael F. Murphy

Rapid Sequence Intubation and Rapid Sequence Airway (2e) – Darren Braude

Atlas of Airway Management (1e) – Steven L. Orebaugh


Decision Making and Evidence-Based Medicine

Bad Science (1e) – Ben Goldacre

Hippocrates’s Shadow (1e) – David H. Newman

Emergency Medicine Decision Making (1e) – Scott Weingart and Peter Wyer


Pocket Guides

Drug Guide for Paramedics (2e) – Richard A. Cherry and Bryan E. Bledsoe


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