My name is Vince DiGiulio and I’m an EMT-Critical Care living, studying, teaching, and working in upstate New York. You may have seen me post on other medical blogs under the names “VinceD,” “Vince D,” or “@MedialApproach,” but that could also be another Vince somewhere—or even someone not actually named Vince. I don’t know what other people like to do with their free time so don’t blame me if you see something crazy on another site credited to that name. For that matter, maybe you shouldn’t even trust what you see from that author on this site.

Vince DiGiulio, EMT-CC

Over the years this blog has morphed into the centralized stream of all the articles I contribute to on other sites. There are also a few articles unique to The Medial Approach from early in the blog’s existence, but these days I mostly post elsewhere and link back to the articles on here.

I take a special interest in electrocardiography and bedside ultrasonography in the settings of emergency and prehospital medicine, so that’s what most of my writing and teaching revolves around.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact me using the link above.

I’m also active on Figure 1 and Twitter as @MedialApproach, so free to get in touch with me on those platforms as well.


I took the time to write up a non-legalese disclaimer where I state some pretty obvious facts about this site.

There’s also a formal disclaimer, but I suggest simply sticking to common sense.


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  1. Jeremy Measham says:

    I’m looking forward to more posts! Thanks from Canada.

  2. ekgpress says:

    Hi Vince – GO for it! We live in a different age – so using the internet as a personal repository for info you want to retain is a wonderful idea that gets you out there and allows you to share with colleagues. Sometimes the BEST learning comes from colleagues with similar experiences because it is far easier to synthesize the key steps in learning for one with similar background. BEST of LUCK with your blog! – Ken Grauer, MD

  3. Matthew E Valente says:

    You are literally my hero

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