EMS 12-Lead: The 12 Rhythms of Christmas – Atrial Flutter

This article is the third in our latest series, The 12 Rhythms of Christmas, where each day we examine a new rhythm disorder. It’s a continuation of the theme behind last year’s 12 Leads of Christmas.

This is a new edit of the first article I ever published on this blog, so it may seem familiar to some readers.

Have you slammed adenosine to cure a patient’s SVT with a fluorish?

Atrial flutter with 2:1 conduction

Figure 1. Pre-adenosine.

*PUSH* – *FLUSH* – “You’re gonna feel funny.”

Atrial flutter during adenosine bolus

Figure 2. A few seconds after the adenosine push.

…only to see the saw-tooth waves of atrial flutter marching across the monitor?

While you may have performed a successful diagnostic test, your unsuspecting patient has just been given a sneak peek of the day their heart quits beating with no relief from the arrhythmia actually causing their symptoms.

Well, you need-not make that mistake again, because I’ve put together a rough list of (almost) every tip out there for diagnosing subtle atrial-flutter with 2:1 conduction. In the end you’ll be talented enough to recognize this arrhythmia with your monitor upside-down (hint)!

For the rest of this article please follow this link or click on the rhythm strips above.

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